Welcome to Tenipuri Fusion, a Prince of Tennis role-playing game. This is a journal based game where each character keeps an online journal to keep track of events in daily life, and interaction between characters are done through commenting in journals and in text-based role-playing (logs).

The log community for this game is Tenipuri Fusion. The announcement/ooc community is at Devoured by PoT.

This simple website provides information to the game for its current and prospective players.


Tenipuri Fusion - Clicking the top banner will bring you back to this page.

Rules - Rules which all players must follow.

Clubs - The characters currently active in the game, and the players' information

Classes - Hosting, class division, school timetable and practice information at-a-glance.

Administration - How to contact the mods/apply for a character.

Information - The RP's premise, past and present.


"Tenipuri Fusion" is a game based on the Japanese series, "Prince of Tennis", played without license or permission from its creators or sponsors.

No profits are made by the moderators or the players of this game.

Prince of Tennis © Konomi Takashi KT works / Shuukan Shounen Jump Shueisha

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