Class and dormitory arrangements + practice schedules. Class & boarding arrangements for previous years can be found here, if you are interested. Want to know when this holiday is or when that test is? Check out the handy dandy events/holidays calendar~

Characters will be added as we get them

Rooms work like this: First number is the floor, the rest is the room number. Meaning 3306 is floor 3, room 306. Rooms are based on grade (usually). The first floor is the student lounge, and includes a kitchen, television, two pool tables and a few other such things usable to students. There is also a nurse's station, open 24 hours. If you must see the nurse after your designated lights-out time, check with your floor supervisor before going down.

Second floor is junior high first years, fifth floor is senior high first years (you get the point). Each floor has two communal shower rooms and rest rooms (located on either end of the floor) to help keep traffic down. There are a few exceptions made for students on what floor/what type of dorm they have.

Lights out time depends on your grade. Lights must be off and students must be in bed by this time, the dorm supervisors will be checking on each room randomly for two hours after their lights out, so be careful if you're wanting to sneak out XD.

Junior High first and second years: 9 pm
Junior High third years: 10 pm
Senior High first and second years: 11 pm
Senior High third years: None.

There are three types of rooms. Singles (mostly only last year SH students get these), doubles, and triples.

To keep the focus on studying, videogames, televisions and the like are forbidden during the school week. Radios and CD players are fine, as long as the volume is kept to an appropriate level.

Students are free to go home on weekends (must be back before 8 PM Sunday unless otherwise excused). Please also remember that students do have class on Saturdays, until noon.

* = they don't have players, they're just there because they're canon characters and we might as well fill up some rooms :P

Girls Dormitory
#5003Ryuuzaki Sakuno
Osakada Tomoka
Boys Dormitory
#5423Horio Satoshi
Mizuno Katsuo
#5162Katou Kachirou
Echizen Ryoma
#6112Kirihara Akaya
Fuji Yuuta
#6116Kaidou Kaoru
Saeki Norifumi
#6204Momoshiro Takeshi
Ninose Manabu
#6212Arai Masashi
Ikeda Masaya
#7004Fuji Syusuke
#7002Kikumaru Eiji
#7389Sanada Genichirou
Yukimura Seiichi
#7183Marui Bunta
#7291Tezuka Kunimitsu
#7283Yagyuu Hiroshi
#7182Yanagi Renji
#7025Oishi Syuichirou
#7341Tachibana Kippei
#7200 Inui Sadaharu
#7182Kawamura Takashi
#7128Niou Masaharu

Class arrangements

Note: While Kawamura technically may not even be going to high school because canonly he was dropping tennis to work in his dad's shop (most apprentices do not continue on with high school), he has been added simply reference if his player should decide he is going to continue schooling.

1-1 Horio Satoshi
Ryuuzaki Sakuno
Osakada Tomoka
1-3Mizuno Katsuo
Echizen Ryoma
1-4Katou Kachirou
2-1Kaidou Kaoru
2-3Kirihara Akaya
Fuji Yuuta
2-7Momoshiro Takeshi
Arai Masashi
3-2Tezuka Kunimitsu
Yagyuu Hiroshi
3-3Jackal Kuwahara
Oishi Syuichirou
Tachibana Kippei
3-7Yukimura Seiichi
Niou Masaharu
Yanagi Renji
Sanada Genichirou
3-8Kikumaru Eiji
Inui Sadaharu
Fuji Syusuke
3-10Kawamura Takashi
Marui Bunta

Practice Schedules

Because Seikai was built with both Seigaku and Rikkai's students in mind and that both schools would be merging to cause an influx of students, the campus is enormous. Between the Junior and Senior high schools, there are 16 outdoor tennis courts and 10 indoor courts shared with the basketball and volleyball teams. However given both tennis teams' reputations, they generally get priority when it rains.

Each division has their own set of 8 courts and while practices aren't generally held together, either captain may request to hold practice matches or train against each other.

- Practices are held for two hours in the morning before class, and for two hours after school.

- Facilities are shared during the day, courts are open during lunch hour to the regulars.

- To maximise use of courts, the Junior High division has Wednesdays off and the Senior High has Fridays off. However, if approved by the captain of the other team, you may join their practice and use the courts on your day off.

- Ranking matches are held in the first week of the month. To help speed things up, when one division has their ranking matches, the other has no practice to allow full use of all courts.

- After hours practice is permitted until 8 pm for JH first and second years, and 9 pm for JH third through SH third.

- Weekend practice is permitted.

For practice outside normal school hours, Regulars will need the keys to the courts and club room. Sanada and Yukimura have the keys. The school has requested that the captains keep possession of the key at all times, which means they need to be present when somebody wants to practice... whether or not this request is being followed is another matter.