Behold ye all-powerful mods!

Any and all questions reguarding the game should be sent to one of the following people.

Yuki Scorpio (Pez)
LJ: yuki_scorpio
AIM: Seigaku no Ou
MSN: yuki_scorpio at hotmail dot com
(The best way to catch Pez's attention is to leave a message at her LJ.)

LJ: shiroibara
AIM: Prickly Tensai
MSN: hana at nokoru dot net
(The best way to catch Hana's attention is to dangle chibi Tezuka in front of her face.)

LJ: sharpie
AIM: Rizumu ni Noruze
MSN: omi_loves_ken at hotmail dot com
(The best way to catch Nori's attention is by AIM or LJ.)

How to apply

To apply, read the rules/what will be expected of you, choose a character, and send an email titled 'Application: (Chosen character)' to tenipuri_fusion at yahoo dot com with the following.

Because this RP is heavily locality-based (everyone sees everyone at some point or another, most go to the same schools), please be aware that we are currently not taking applications for students from Higa Chuu or Shitenhouji (IE, too far away to go have coffee with one of our Tokyo-Kanagawa boys without the use of an airplane or a very long train/bus ride) - we are willing to make exceptions, of course, if you can give us a very good reason your chosen character would be there.

If you have any questions pertaining to the application or the RP, just email us or contact Nori directly.

-Your name or handle
-Your personal LJ name
-Your AIM screen name
-Your email address
-Your MSN address (optional, most interaction takes place via AIM)
-Your chosen character
- A sample tag on any scenario you wish (first day of school, moving into dorms, tennis practice, whatever). Wherin 'tag' = your part of a roleplay log. EX: Tezuka does something, he's done. Tag, Sanada does something. Tag, Tezuka does something again, and so on and so forth. Minimum 200 words, we want to see how well you play the character you're after. All applications should be in third person, past tense (story) format. You may not use other characters that are currently in use (meaning someone is already playing them in the RP) in your application. This is considered Godmodding, and your application can be turned down for it. A mention of them (for example, "Momoshiro would have to talk to Tezuka about this later...") is alright, having them actually appear is not.

*Also note that if your chosen character was a third year in canon, he is now a second year in high school (if he's going at all). Schools that do not have a Senior High (Fudoumine, Rokkaku, Sei Rudolph) will have to go somewhere else. While technically your character can change schools for high school (IE, Atobe going to Seikai instead of Hyoutei), it's not likely. You'd have to give a really good reason for them to be changing schools.

The mods will review your application and decide amongst themselves. If you have not heard back from us within two weeks (we're busy people, do not check the box every day and occasionally it takes us a while to decide), please resubmit your app as we may not have received it.

If you are accepted, a mod (usually Nori) will either a) reply to your email, or b) contact you via AIM with all information you need -- feel free to ask any questions you may have at that time.

If you are rejected, we will let you know via email. Please do not take this as a "No, you will never be able to join!", you are free to revise your application and resubmit it. 99% of the time we will tell you exactly what we didn't like/found wrong with your application, use that information to help improve your application :)