The premise: since this RPG has been running for some time, new details have been added.

Three years ago...

On the night of the Seigaku/St. Rudolph match, a fire started at Rikkai Dai Fuzoku Junior-High. It swept the school complex, destroying all the junior and senior facilities in the process. With two thirds of the school in ashes, the school board made a decision. Groups of Rikkai junior and senior students was divided amongst the different schools of the region in order to continue their studies.

Since Rikkai was a club-driven school, the board decided it would be necessary to keep all the sports clubs together, and therefore each sport club was given a different school. Due to an expansion to its facilities that Seigaku underwent during the Spring Break, they had chosen to transfer the tennis club to Seigaku. This decision was made quickly and the students are informed the next day. The 'mergers' began the second day after the St. Rudolph match.

The question of where the students would stay whilst visiting the other schools arose. The parent-teacher committee agreed that host families would be the best solution. As the families of those students in the Seigaku tennis club were already aware of the training the boys endure, it was suggested that the tennis club families would host those Rikkai students also in the tennis club. One student per househould. This suggestion was welcomed with open arms by the board.

Seigaku's expansion included additional indoor and outdoor tennis courts. The locker and shower rooms had also been incs from schools which do not have a high school department find themselves needing some place to go. There are also rumours that some students want to switch school regardless they already attend schools that have high school departments. Will they go to Hyoutei, Seikai, or elsewhere?

One year ago...

The transition seemed to go well; new bonds have been formed, new friends have been made, and Seikai's tennis teams are on top. Canon first years are now third years, most everyone else has continued on to high school to face the Spartan treatment of Captain Sanada Genichirou and Vice-captain Yukimura Seiichi. Former Rikkai and Seigaku team members find themselves fighting for their place on the regulars, and the competition is fierce. Meanwhile, the other high schools will have a tough time building a team that can defeat the growing monster that is Seikai.


Not much has changed - canon first years are now high school first years, and canon third years are well on their way to graduating high school and moving on. Under the excellent care and harsh training menus provided by captain Sanada Genichirou and vice-captain Yukimura Seiichi, Seikai high school is dominating the national circuit. However, times are changing - many students in their final year will be quitting the team to focus on their studies and university entrance exams, or taking their chances at going pro. How will their team mates cope? How will they cope? Only time will tell.

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