The following rules must be followed by all players in order to keep the game flowing smoothly:


01. You must post at least once a week, per character. Failure to do so* will get your character punished (the mods [usually Hana or Nori] will come up with a different punishment each time/add on to a previous one). Second week of no posting will get you another post and a warning nudge via LJ's spiffy nudge feature. Third week of no posting and you will be removed from the game. After this, you will have one week to argue for your character (meaning give us a good reason why we should let you keep him/her besides 'I forgot' or 'I got lazy'). If you lose your character, that character is considered up for application and you may apply again after a three month period if you are still interested.

*This rule does not apply if you have posted a notice about a hiatus or that your character will not be posting for some reason or another.

02. Players must check other characters' journals and respond where appropriate within a reasonable time to maintain the flow of the game.

03. Players are free to interpret their characters as they please, provided it does not clash with the series, go overboard or adversely affect other players. If in doubt you must discuss with the moderators, whose words are final.

04. Do not "god mod" (take control of characters which are not played by you) any characters without their players' permission.

05. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time (more than a week), please post a notice on the OOC comm so we don't accidentally punish and/or remove you from the game. The same goes for if your character will not be posting for some reason or another (family problems, etc)

06. Basic of most basic rule of all: be courteous to the other players. If you have a problem with another player, please keep it off the community and contact a mod if need be to solve the problem. We want this to be fun and enjoyable all around, not stressful and strained.

07. We do not tolerate fangirl Japanese (meaning completely random Japanese words put in places where they don't really need to be - such as "Oh my god that is so kawaii!!"). The only Japanese we accept in logs, posts, and applications are honorifics (-chan/-kun/-san/-sama) or nicknames (Ochibi, Mamushi, etc.). Applications can be turned down for this.


Pertaining to your Journal and community posts

01. You must have or start a livejournal specifically allocated to your character. Posts are written from first person point of view, the same as any journal or diary.

02. Anything pertaining to the role-playing game as the character, may be in this journal. You can recount events, feelings, implications etc. Out-of-character (OOC) postings that pertain to the game and could affect other players are also permitted. Please keep OOC to a limited length, and mark it appropriately.

03. A journal entry marked with Private is "not visible" for other people to comment on. If there are names on an LJ cut tag, then only these people may comment on that section. Everyone can, however, see that private/friends-only entries exist. Only the content of those entries are locked. Comments to such entries are also locked.

04. Character interaction is encouraged as is the posting of role-play logs. These may be posted to the community using the LJ cut tag to do so. Please give a brief description of what is entailed within, for any unsuspecting members.

05. All posts should use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.


Role-play chats and miscellaneous

01. Every member is required to have AIM as a means of contact. Interactions will generally take place over this messenger, and then be polished to be posted in the community.

02. Role-play logs are to be posted as a story and are to be written in third person format unless otherwise agreed with a moderator. We do not have a posting requirement for logs as we do journal posts, however we would like to see some once in a while. :P

03. Although it is nice to spring surprises on unsuspecting characters, please make sure these will not damage the story for the other payers. Discussion is encouraged prior to making a log.

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